Jen and Dave

On their 20th anniversary of getting together, childhood sweethearts Jen and Dave celebrated by getting married in a great fun Kangaroo Island wedding. A little breeze ruffled their hair and some soft rain scudded past magnificent Cape Forbin as vivacious Vicki MacLean, super celebrant and skilled babysitter stepped the happy couple through their vows. Watching closely, the kids, Ted and Annie, sat quietly munching biscuits and marshmallows with their legs crossed the entire time. LOL :)
After the touching ceremony, Kangaroo Island Wedding Photographer Sean McGowan put down his camera and picked up a pen to be witness on the certificate of this pseudo-elopement, as did daughter, Jemma McGowan, photographer's assistant and second shooter for The Wizardry of Oz.
Great fun followed as the athletic groom took to the air with some magnificent leaps of joy. After a short scramble down the cliffs the bride and groom braved the roiling surf to be photographed with their toes hanging from a precarious rock over the angry sea. The day completed with a drive to nearby Kangaroo Beach for some dusk photos but the kids decided a swim would be a perfect celebration of mum and dad's newfound matrimony, so they dived in, totally forgetting to change out of their special wedding clobber. Of course, not to be outdone, Jen and Dave followed immediately and "trash-the-dress" instantly morphed into "trash-the-entire-family-wardrobe."